Commission a Painting

Interested in commissioning a portrait, but curious about how the process works? Read on!

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Let's get started!
Send me a picture of the
person(s) you'd like me to paint, and tell me all about them!

We'll discuss colors,

their favorite things, whatever you have in mind.

It's okay if you aren't sure - I make it easy!



  Once we've decided on the imagery we want to use with the portrait, I'll do a couple different sketches.

  You'll be able to choose which composition you like best, and make any suggestions or changes before we move on to the full-size drawing.


   We're almost there!

At this point, I might do a color study to make sure you like the colors we picked out - especially if you weren't sure or we had a few different options to choose from.

   These color studies are done in photoshop, to give us a quick idea of what it will look like.


    I'll transfer the full-size sketch onto watercolor paper, and all of our hard work will come together into a beautiful, one of a kind painting!

   You'll give the final approval before it's carefully wrapped up and shipped to your doorstep.

Ready to get started?

Email me at or use the contact form below to get started!
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