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Lavender is one of the earliest hints at what later became my Personality Portraits. I painted it alongside Veridian and Azul, as the models in these portraits were myself and my best friends from college.

While this trio is made of separate pieces that exist beautifully on their own, I love placing them next to each other whenever I show them. These are the very first, earliest versions of what would become Personality Portraits; portraits that match unique colors to the subject's personality.


These paintings bring back a lot of fond memories of painting in the Art Building on campus; quiet, the smell of printmaking inks and turpentine, my friends stopping by just to watch the progress of brush on paper.

Lavender is a playful experiment, the red and blue separating out from the purple at different points, and then merging back together. I've always loved the portrait's expression - it has that tiny smile that makes you wonder just what is going on behind those glancing eyes.

This painting is sold in its handmade frame (yes, I cut and nailed the glass, wood, and matt for this painting myself in our college frame shop).
It is approximately 16x20", and framed is approximately 20x24"


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