Vision Consultation
& Portrait

Work one-on-one with me during a 60 minute VIP call, where we will:

  • Dive into your strengths and weaknesses

  • Create a step-by-step plan for your goals

  • Match your goals to your personality

  • Create your Vision for 2019

Afterward, I will create your Vision Portrait, a colorful watercolor portrait of who you would like to grow into in 2019, using colors and imagery to bring out hidden meaning

Your Bonuses: free!

  •  30 minute accountability call at 2 months

  • Free installation or Free Shipping


  • 2nd 30 minute accountability call at 6 months

This is your support system as you navigate your Growth Areas this year.

It's important to me that you succeed and have a beautiful, vibrant life in 2019!


Order your Vision Consultation & Portrait now


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