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~ Every part of you is important ~

I believe that portraits should show who you are on the inside, and not just what you look like on the outside.

I'm Holly, a watercolor portrait artist currently living in Massachusetts with my husband and kiddos, and just WISHING I had a cat.

         Why do I paint these unique portraits and silhouettes?

It's because your inner world MATTERS. The things you find interesting, your passions and loves, those are all a deep part of you!

My mission is to show that ALL of you is important, from your face to your feelings, and everything in between. This is why I paint in unique colors and use personal imagery in each of my portraits.

I believe that personalities can be described through color, and adding imagery (such as a "spirit animal", flower, or other object that you resonate with) adds incredible depth to each image.


(You can find out more about my thought-process by downloading my free Animal Personality Type eguide HERE!)

When you commission me to make a portrait, I work closely with you to learn more about the subject's personality, hobbies, and things that they love, to create completely unique portraits unlike anything you've ever seen. You can choose the imagery (ie, "she likes pink and butterflies), or we can go deeper and discover the True Color of their personality and use imagery that truly represents them (like a spirit animal or other representative object).

My portraits are always a collaboration with you, the commissioner. You bring your love and knowledge of the painting's subject, and I'll bring my creative imagination and artistic skills. Together, we make magic happen!


Interested in learning more? Visit my Commissions page, or contact me  below!

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