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The Temperaments


Intensity. Depth. Enthusiasm. Calm.

Bring the energy you're seeking into your home with the Temperaments.


The Cholerics

Natural leaders, with a drive to get things done.

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The Melancholics

Deep feelers and thinkers, with a drive to do right.

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The Phlegmatics

Calm and steady, with a drive to accommodate others

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The Sanguines

Outgoing and friendly, with a drive for social acceptance

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What are the Temperaments?

About Temps

The Four Temperaments is a personality theory that dates back to the ancient Greek philosophers; the modern theory focuses on 4 main personality types, and the combinations between them:

  • Choleric

  • Melancholy

  • Phlegmatic

  • Sanguine

I grew up with the Four Temperaments as a running discussion in my home, and it still shapes how I perceive the people around me today.

The Temperaments Collection consists of:

  • 4 24x36" watercolor paintings on canvas of the main Temperament Types

  • 12 18x24" watercolor paintings on paper, illustrating the combinations

  • The model for each portrait is a real person who identifies as that specific type

  • The colors are chosen according to my personal color-theory

The collection will be released one section at a time: scroll down to see what is available!

The Temperaments


Full Collection
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