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"The Manta" - This painting represents the Phlegmatic personality type; this Type is known for being stable, practical, independent, and less emotionally expressive.

The Main drive of the Phlegmatic Type is to accommodate others; they may seek to go along in order to keep peace in their lives.


The animals that I chose for the Phlegmatic set are all calm-natured animals. I loved the Manta Ray for the main Phlegmatic portrait, as gentle movement of water is very quiet and calming to me, and rays are equally gentle and calm animals.


The plants in the painting derive meaning from the Victorian Language of Flowers:

Boxwood - Constancy
Rush - Calm

What's it like, being a Phlegmatic?

"I like that my emotional world is generally stable, and I don't struggle with big ups and downs. It can be easy for people who don't know me well to misread my expressions, or think I'm boring, since I'm less outwardly expressive."

"The Manta" is a 24x36" watercolor painting on gallery-wrapped canvas. It is unframed, but will ship wired and ready to hang.

The Manta

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