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 The Enneagram is a personality test that describes 9 different types of personalities, focusing on each Type's core desires, fears, and motivations.

I have always been inspired by the psychology of personality, and find learning about people's Inner Worlds to be incredibly fascinating.

My Enneagram collections are my way of illustrating the beauty that I see in each person, with all their strengths and flaws.

As in all my work, my use of color is heavily influenced by my own 'personality synesthesia', where I get a very specific sense of certain colors being attached to the way different personalities feel.
The flowers that you see are from the Victorian Language of Flowers (Floriography), and each flower has a specific meaning relating to the personality-type that painting describes.

Below are my Enneagram Collection and Enneagram-inspired Commissions.

Enneagram Collection

Enn Collectin

Shop Enneagram prints HERE!

Interested in commissioning an Enneagram-Inspired painting of your own?
Browse the gallery below, or CLICK HERE to read more about my commission process!

Enneagram Commissions

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