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"The Otter" - This painting represents the Sanguine personality type; this Type is known for being outgoing, active, social, and entertaining.

The Main drive of the Sanguine Type is Social Acceptance, and they are the most likely to have a large group of friends.


When I think of a joyful, friendly, social animal, my mind always goes straight to the Otter! The Sanguine Set animals all have a focus on either friendliness, socialness, or both.


The plants in the painting derive meaning from the Victorian Language of Flowers:

Houseleek - Vivacity
Delphinium - Fun
Pear Blossom - Lasting Friendship

What's it like, being a Sanguine? In the words of the model:

" I like that I can always find a positive even in a not so good situation. Very social; comfortable in pretty much any environment. Easily able to make friends or have conversations with strangers without any anxiety. Overall fun person to be around."

"The Otter" is a 24x36" watercolor painting on canvas. It is unframed, but will ship wired and ready to hang.

The Otter

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