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"The Elephant" - This painting represents the Phlegmatic-Melancholic type; they balance the desire to accomodate others with the drive to get things right, showing a calm exterior while having the capacity for deep thoughts and emotions.


The plants in the painting derive meaning from the Victorian Language of Flowers:

Rush - Calm

Boxwood - Constancy
Fern - Thoughts, Dreams, Magic
Freesia - Thoughtfulness

What's one of the biggest strengths of the Phlegmatic-Melancholic?
”My ability to stay outwardly calm during stressful conversations, to be that steady sounding-board for a loved one, and to have the emotional capacity to empathize and deeply relate to them.”

"The Elephant" is an 18x24" watercolor painting on paper. Will ship rolled in a tube, with protective paper and plastic.

The Elephant

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