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"The Eagle" - This painting represents the Choleric personality type; a Type A, results-oriented, and passionate person who appreciates honesty and wants you to also be completely yourself.


I chose a vibrant red with pinks in it for the intensity it brings.

The plants in the painting derive meaning from the Victorian Language of Flowers:
Garlic - Strength

Dill - Passion

What does it mean to be a Choleric? In the model's own words:
”I'd say what I like the most is being able to share my feelings (and allow others to share theirs) clearly and honestly. People always know where they stand and I invite them to be themselves. My greatest strength off the top of my head would be my resiliency. I never stay down long and though many count failures as a loss, I consider it a win for trying, the knowledge I accumulated and still have the excitement to move forward whether it be to something else totally or a new tactic.”

"The Eagle" is a 24x36" watercolor painting on gallery-wrapped canvas, with a spray varnish to seal the pigments and keep them color-fast. Ships unframed, but wired and ready to hang.

The Eagle

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