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"The Owl" - This painting represents the Melancholic personality type; this Type is known for being deep thinkers and feelers, analytical, concientous, and introverted.

They are often characterized as 'sad' or 'the artist-type'; however, their emotional intelligence leads to experience the full range of emotion, and while their deep love of beauty may lend itself towards creativity, it isn't a necessary part of the type.


The animals that I chose for the Melancholic set are on the reclusive side, and are also animals often associated with beauty and emotion. Blue was the natural fit for the Melancholics, as it speaks of their depth.


The plants in the painting derive meaning from the Victorian Language of Flowers:

Ferns - Thoughts, Dreams, Magic

Freesia - Thoughtfulness

Laburnum - Pensive Beauty

What's it like, being a Melancholic? In the model's own words:
”My favorite thing about my type is my creativity and solving problems. I too am an artist... I actually like being a loner, sometimes getting lost in research.”

"The Owl" is a24x36" watercolor painting on gallery-wrapped canvas. It is unframed, but will ship wired and ready to hang.

The Owl

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