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"The Deer" - This painting represents the Melancholic-Phlegmatic type; this person is the most consistent of the Melancholic section. They feel things deeply, but may not show those emotions on the outside to strangers. They are accomodating, and often need time alone to process and make decisions.


The teal that came from mixing my Blue and Green pigment salts surprised me, and I fell completely in love! The organic textures that come from the pigment sprinkles add that extra excitement to a highly representational painting.


The plants in the painting derive meaning from the Victorian Language of Flowers:

Ferns - Thoughts, Dreams, Magic

Freesia - Thoughtfulness

Laburnum - Pensive Beauty

Rush - Calm

Boxwood - Constancy

What's one of the biggest strengths of the Melancholic-Phlegmatic? In the model's own words:
” What I love about being melancholy is the strength I find in the quiet. Sitting outdoors, quietly contemplating nature and finding inspiration in the stillness. It's rejuvenating. Beauty in the wind, smell of the rain, bird-watching. It all seems so simple, but the quiet feeds my soul. I can come across quite serious and reserved, which has been mistaken for stuck up, but it's really just needing that quiet and stillness to function”

"The Deer" is an 18x24" watercolor painting on paper. Will ship rolled in a tube, with protective paper and plastic.

The Deer

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