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"The Cat" - This painting represents the Phlegmatic-Choleric type; this is one of the rarest combinations! Phlegmatic-Cholerics are laid-back externally, but have an inner focus and intensity that often comes out in the way that they work. They are independent, less emotionally expressive, and likely sarcastic.

Using Green for Phlegmatics and Red for Cholerics in the same painting without creating a brown mush is always a fun challenge! I love the way the two colors play together here.


The plants in the painting derive meaning from the Victorian Language of Flowers:

Rush - Calm

Boxwood - Constancy
Borage - Courage
Dill - Passion

What's one of the biggest strengths of the Phlegmatic-Choleric? In the model's own words:
”Basically I fiercely love who I love. But I don’t take life seriously and I love to teach and inspire passion in others. I can also get passionate on accident!”

"The Cat" is an 18x24" watercolor painting on paper. Will ship rolled in a tube, with protective paper and plastic.

The Cat

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