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"The Bull" - Direct, blunt, and hard to shake, this personality is in charge and unbothered.


The Choleric-Phlegmatic combination is one of the most rare! I had an incredible time planning and executing the painting - the biggest challenge being how to have red and green shining together without mixing and turning into brown mud.


The plants in the painting derive meaning from the Victorian Language of Flowers:

Dill - Passion

Borage - Courage

Rush - Calm

What is a Choleric-Phlegmatic? In the model's own words:
"The strength of the Choleric is how direct and engaged I can be; I'm rash, blunt, competitive and determined at times, but it's tempered by the laid-back nature of the Phlegmatic that is emotionally stable, hard to shake, not very expressive, and prefers to listen more than talk."


"The Bull" is an 18x24" watercolor painting on cold-press watercolor paper; it will ship rolled in a tube unless otherwise specified.

The Bull

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