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Journey Collection Part IV: The Silhouettes

Have you ever thought about what your Inner World might look like? What would the landscape look like? What's the weather like? What creatures would want to live there? This week, we're exploring the "Silhouettes Period" of the Journey Collection, and it's allll about your Inner World! (Visit the first three parts here: College Era Ocean Period Fantastical Period)

The Silhouettes

These paintings all explore different ideas of what might be in your Inner World. Do you populate it with Adventure? History? Fantasy? Thoughts of Home?

"The Lampost"

5x7" watercolor in oval frame

One of my earliest Silhouettes, this one is an obvious reference to Lucy Pevensie from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. But more than that, it speaks to that part of each of us that both loves stories and wants to escape inside them for a while. The adventures that the Pevensie children had together were not safe and fun all the time, but the nostalgia that goes along with this image is very safe and fun for my heart and Inner World. How do stories affect your Inner World?

"Kilimanjaro on Her Mind"

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, Africa. It is a dormant volcano, and the highest mountain in Africa - as well as the highest single free-standing mountain in the world [source]. At the time I painted this, I was having fun practicing creating landscapes within portraits, and was inspired by several pictures of Africa's tallest mountain. Now, however, it makes me think about all of the African descendants who are either recent migrants and might miss their heart-home, or those who's ancestors were enslaved hundreds of years ago, and they live with the tragedy of not being quite sure where their ancestors were abducted from. Tanzania is a country full of beautiful landscapes, wonderful animals, and people with Inner Worlds just as rich as yours and mine.

How does history affect your Inner World?


"Ecuador" is probably the very first Silhouette I painted, and I fell in love with the pictures of the Ecuadorian jungle. I have had very few chances to travel outside my home country of the United States, but both times have been incredibly enriching, whetting my taste for even more. How does travel affect your Inner World?

"He Sails"/"She Sails"

11x14" watercolor paintings on canvas

This pair were painted for an "Olympus and Valhalla" themed wedding shoot, and I love how they both match and contrast each other. Peaceful waters and sunshine on one side, with a raging storm and choppy seas on the other. Was anyone else fascinated with the old mythologies? Greek, Roman, Viking, Incan - history and mythology can be so tied together and fascinating to unravel. I think the mythological stories each society tells says a lot about who they are as people and what they value. How does mythology affect your Inner World? I hope you enjoyed the "Silhouette" portion of the Journey Collection! These pieces will be coming available on July 31st as the whole Journey Collection is released.

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