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At the same time I was working on my "Dreamers", I had also started painting wedding bouquets as commissions! I was not a flower-girl before this - in fact, I barely had any flowers in my own wedding bouquet, I liked them so little.

But when I decided to paint my poor bouquet (which had withered and crumbled with our last move), I discovered how a painting could elevate the memory of those flowers. I fell in love!


Painting bouquets taught me I could love painting flowers, and it was at this time that I also started researching flower meanings, and learning more about the Victorian Language of Flowers.

This was HUGE for my next season of work!


Since I don't have any bouquets to actually have for sale in the Journey Collection, but I came up with a better idea; I'll be opening up just a few bouquet commission spots, for those of you who would like your own wedding bouquet captured and memorialized.

Simply select the size you'd like to purchase, and be ready with some high-quality photos of your bouquet!

Custom Wedding Bouquets

PriceFrom $95.00
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