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"Fatherly Love" is a juxtaposition of male strength with fatherly tenderness as the arms cradle the bundle of flowers.
I based this painting off of a picture of my husband holding our tiny 1 week old daughter. It was 4th of July, and as we waited for my dad to cook the hotdogs and hamburgers, my husband was telling her all about her surroundings, showing her the trees, grass, sky - whatever he could think of. It was precious and tender, and I knew it needed to be captured.


In "Fatherly Love", the flowers are;

Althea Frutex: "Consumed by Love" Indian Jasmine: "I Attach Myself To You" Primrose: "Early Youth", "I Can't Live Without You" Milkvetch: "Your Presence Softens My Pains" Viburnum: "I Die If Neglected" Lucern: "Life" Also watercolor painted on canvas, I love the softness yet vibrancy of these colors.

This is a watercolor painting on 16x20" canvas

Fatherly Love

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