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Tell mom what you love about her with this Insight mug!


This mug is decorated with the green plants from my Enneagram 5 original portrait. Green was the color that most 5s I spoke with identified with, and it just happened that many of the plants were leafy instead of flowered.

The word "Insight" is for the 5s urge to deeply understand the subjects that they love!

The plants shown are:
Pitch Pine: "Philosophy"
Sycamore: "Curiosity"
Kennedia: "Mental Beauty"
Lemon : "Secrecy"
Solomon's Seal: "Discretion"

Mug details:
Design: Two-Sided Design
Material: 100% White Ceramic
Size: 11 Fluid oz.; 3.75" (H) x 3.25" (W)
Care: Dishwasher + Microwave Safe

Insight Mug

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