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If you're familiar with my Enneagram Collection, this one will look very familiar! This was the very first painting I did in this style, and it was an idea that just came into my head to try one day. I wanted to use the Language of Flowers to explain some of the experiences of being a new mother, and I chose to tackle the topic of 'losing identity' first.


The flower held in the center is a Cinquefoil, which means "Beloved Daughter". While the flowers on the outside are wilting and fading away, those in the center curl towards the Cinquefoil and bloom in its glow.  


The flowers that are principally wilting are Colchecum, which mean "My happiest days are past" - a lie that can be so easy to believe when you are frustrated and exhausted.


Other flowers within the figure are as follows:  

Clematis: "Art"

Everlasting Pea - "An Appointed Meeting"

Mountain Pink - "Aspiring"

Trumpet Flower - "Fame"

Cardinal Flower - "Energy"

Hyacinth - "Play"

Fern - "Dreams"


This was also one of my first paintings where I experimented using watercolor paints straight on canvas - to surprising good results!

This is a watercolor painting on 24x36" canvas

Loss of Self

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