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Get a set of 3 Motherhood prints to keep or to gift away!

Simply select your size choice of 5x7", 8x10", or 11x14".


The three included prints are "Enamored", "Wildflower Family", and "Exhaustion".



"Enamored": The flowers she cradles in her arms are Ranunculus, which hold the meaning of "I Am Dazzled By Your Charms". I wanted to capture the feeling of a new mother, completely in love with her child.

"Wildflower Family": Full of blessings for your home: every flower in the painting was chosen specifically for its special meaning.

Mugwort: Happiness

Southernwood: Banter

Woodsorrel: Maternal Affection

Queen Anne’s Lace: Sanctify

Dwarf Sunflower: Gratitude

Lavender: Serenity

Succulents: Endurance, Timeless Love

Larkspur: Lightness

Wallflower: Fidelity in Adversity

Dandelion: Happiness, Faithfulness

Rush: Calmness

Lily of the Valley: Return of Happiness

Mullein: Happiness

Stephanotis: Marital Bliss


Drink in the bright colors and know that every time you look at it, "Wildflower Family" wishes you a happy, loving home.


"Exhaustion": A reminder that even these draining and difficult season of motherhood have their beauty.
I chose greens and blues for the soft, sleepy quality, and to hint at the healing and growth that comes through sleep. The flowers and plants that surround the figure also speak:

Moonflower - "Nighttime"

Moonwort - "Forgetfulness"

Fern - "Dreams"

These prints will be shipped directly from my printing company, to arrive as quickly as possible. I'm not able to include the descriptions in the package, but you are welcome to copy/paste and print them out to include with your gifts!
These prints are created using the Giclee method, which is the highest standard in professional art printing. They are printed on a watercolor-texture giclee paper, bringing the feel of an original to your print.

Motherhood Print Set

PriceFrom $45.00
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