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"Motherly Love" is a 16x20" watercolor painting on canvas, part of my Motherhood Collection.

The flowers in the painting take the form of a newborn infant, and each flower in the bundle has a unique meaning relating either to the parent or the baby.

Coreopsis Arkana: "Love At First Sight"
Primrose: "Early Love", "I Can't Live Without You"
Milkvetch: "Your Presence Softens My Pains"
White Violet, White Daisy: "Innocence"
Cinquefoil: "Beloved Daughter"

I wanted to show the vibrancy of the mother-baby relationship through the brightness and delicacy of the colors.  By painting directly onto canvas instead of paper, the colors retain even more vibrancy than usual. The paintng has been varnished to prevent any damage or fading.

Motherly Love

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