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While all of the Ocean Period paintings are done with acrylic, you can tell that I just couldn't get away from my love of watercolor. I used the same techniques to paint on canvas with acrylic that I now use to do large watercolor paintings on canvas; lots and lots of water, and letting the colors flow however they like.


I did several paintings this way, with very little plan in the beginning; spread lots of water, add in the blue, sprinkle some salt on top, and then let it dry. Afterward, I would then decide what sea creature should go in that space. Orcas Ascending was one of the first ones that I actually planned what animals I wanted to paint before I did the background wash of blue. This period was also the first one where I focused on painting things other than portraits, and I still use animals frequently to this day!

This acrylic painting is 12x20", with 1.5" gallery-stretched sides, which are also painted dark blue. It is already wired and ready to hang.

Orcas Ascending

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