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A figure study in charcoal and pastel chalks, this was one of the last drawings I did in college. I loved these figure drawing classes, and modeled for them myself for two semesters (our school has fully clothed models).

My favorite thing about "Pink Reflections" is that the mood of her pose completely belies the bright colors I chose. It calls the viewer to look past the surface appearance of a person, and realize that even the brightest souls can have deep pain.

I think of Enneagram Type 4s, with their deep well of emotions and unique outward expression. I also think of Type 7s, who often look so bright and cheery, yet may have a hidden darkness and pain.

This drawing is 12x12". It is sprayed with a fixative to protect the charcoal and pastel from smudging, but should not be touched with your fingers.

Pink Reflections

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