"Loss of Self" is one of the pieces from my Motherhood Collection, and describes that feeling of loss that many new mothers experience while in the midst of sleeplessness, feedings, diaper changes, and the days that blend into each other.


However, the painting gives hope: the flower held in the center is a Cinquefoil, which means "Beloved Daughter". While the flowers on the outside are wilting and fading away, those in the center curl towards the Cinquefoil and bloom in its glow.


The flowers that are principally wilting are Colchecum, which mean "My happiest days are past" - a sentiment some women can fall into, but that is not at all true.Other flowers within the figure are as follows:


Clematis: "Art"

Everlasting Pea - "An Appointed Meeting"

Mountain Pink - "Aspiring"

Trumpet Flower - "Fame"

Cardinal Flower - "Energy"

Hyacinth - "Play"

Fern - "Dreams"


These prints look so similar to the original, even I have a hard time telling them apart!
Printed on Somserset Velvet watercolor paper, these prints will ship in a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing.

Print of "Loss of Self"


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