These prints are from my original painting "Love Bonds", part of my Motherhood Collection.


"Love Bond" illustrates the love between a mother and child. Each of the flowers in the painting has a special meaning related to love;


On the baby's head:
Coreopsis Arkana - "Love at First Sight"
Gillyflower - "Bonds of Affection"
Cinquefoil - "Beloved Daughter/Child"

On the mother's head:
Althaea Frutex - "Consumed by Love"
Honeysuckle - "Bonds of Love"
Alstroemeria - "Devotion"

Surrounding them:
Convolvus - "Bonds"
Alstroemeria - "Devotion"
Honesuckle - "Bonds of Love"
Milkvetch - "Your Presence Softens My Pains"
Pink rosebud - "New Love"


These prints look so similar to the original, even I have a hard time telling them apart!
Printed on Somserset Velvet watercolor paper, these prints will ship in a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing.

Print of "Love Bonds"


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