"Wildflower Field" is full of blessings for your home: every flower in the painting was chosen specifically for its special meaning.


Mugwort: Happiness

Southernwood: Banter

Woodsorrel: Maternal Affection

Queen Anne’s Lace: Sanctify

Dwarf Sunflower: Gratitude

Lavender: Serenity

Succulents: Endurance, Timeless Love

Larkspur: Lightness

Wallflower: Fidelity in Adversity

Dandelion: Happiness, Faithfulness

Rush: Calmness

Lily of the Valley: Return of Happiness

Mullein: Happiness

Stephanotis: Marital Bliss

Drink in the bright colors and know that every time you look at it, "Wildflower Field" wishes you a happy, loving home.

These prints look so similar to the original, even I have a hard time telling them apart!
Printed on Somserset Velvet watercolor paper, these prints will ship in a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing.

Print of "Wildflower Field"


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