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"Restless Mind" is a watercolor painting on cold press acid-free watercolor paper, part of my Motherhood Collection.

The idea for "Restless Mind" came while sketching my daughter as she rolled, flipped, wiggled, and generally refused to stay still. A mother's mind is often like this, going on and on while her body cries out for rest.

I chose to accentuate this idea with sleepy purples and blues, letting the restless mind-baby be a bright, glowing yellow. The flowers surrounding the woman lend further meaning to the painting:
Moonflower - "Night, Instability"
Purple Pansy - "You Occupy My Thoughts"
White Poppy - "Sleep, My Antidote"
Rye Grass - "Changeable Disposition"
Sainfoin - "Agitation"
Scarlet Pimpernel - "Change"

Restless Mind

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