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This is a print from my original watercolor painting "Restless Mind", part of my Motherhood Collection.


The idea for "Restless Mind" came while sketching my daughter as she rolled, flipped, wiggled, and generally refused to stay still.

A mother's mind is often like this, going on and on while her body cries out for rest.


I chose to accentuate this idea with sleepy purples and blues, letting the restless mind-baby be a bright, glowing yellow. The flowers surrounding the woman lend further meaning to the painting:


Moonflower - "Night, Instability"

Purple Pansy - "You Occupy My Thoughts"

White Poppy - "Sleep, My Antidote"

Rye Grass - "Changeable Disposition"

Sainfoin - "Agitation"

Scarlet Pimpernel - "Change"

Printed on giclee watercolor paper, these prints will ship in a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing.

Restless Mind Print

PriceFrom $15.00
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