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"The Idealist II" is a 2x3" abstract watercolor representation of the Enneagram personality Type 1 with a Type 9 wing.

Every piece in this collection was painted in two steps; first, the wet-into-wet technique for the background, where I paint the paper with water and then dip a pigment-loaded brush into the water and let the paint spread organically. Once dry, I then carefully consider where to place each stroke on top, interacting with the natural composition the background presented me while giving it some clarity and direction. It's very freeform and playful, which was a welcome relief to my usual way of working.
In this piece, the top strokes represent the Type 9 wing, and so there are subtle rainbow colors at the edges - greens, blues, and purples, like the tips of a butterfly's wings.


Frame is included!


"The Idealist I" 1w9

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