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This listing is for a giclee print of my original watercolor painting "The Peacemaker", a portrait of the Enneagram Type 9 personality type.

*** These prints are ordered from an off-site printer and drop-shipped to you; that speeds up delivery and helps out a tired artist-mom, but does mean I can't include extras like the flower descriptions. Feel free to copy-paste and print the description below! ***

"Type 9s are accepting, trusting, and stable. They are usually creative, optimistic, and supportive, but can also be too willing to go along with others to keep the peace. They want everything to go smoothly and be without conflict, but they can also tend to be complacent, simplifying problems and minimizing anything upsetting." (Enneagram Institute)

I chose light blue as the main color because 9s like calm, smooth waters in their lives. However, since 9s are so focused on having peace at all costs, they frequently "merge" with those around them, reflecting others' characteristics, opinions, etc. Because of this, I included colors from all the other personality types being drawn in around the edges.

The branch at the center is an Olive branch, standing for Peace. Just below it is a Rush, which means "calm" - but notice that the rush glows a little with an inner fire. 9s tend to be asleep to their anger, and don't realize the bitterness or resentment they can feel.

The other flowers in the painting are as follows:
Phlox; Unanimity
Currants; You Please All
Valerian; Accommodating Disposition
Stonecrop; tranquility
Lavender; Serenity



High-quality giclee prints on a lightly textured watercolor paper make these prints as close to the original as they can get!
I recommend pairing with an off-white mat in your favorite frame.

The PeaceMaker Print

PriceFrom $15.00
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