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Carefully swirled with colors from the original paintings in my Enneagram Collection, these ornaments will be a beautiful and unique addition to your Christmas tree decorations!

Inspired by the indigo outside and yellow-orange-red inside of The Reformer, these ornaments also have silver and gold accents, finishing them with a festive touch.

These were created in a very small batch, as I was unsure of my ability to complete a larger number with the birth of my second child. Each has been carefully and pain-stakingly painted with the exact same watercolor paints as the original Enneagram Collection paintings.

Each ornament is ceramic, painted with watercolor paints, and finished with a matte varnish.

When you order, please select Round or Hourglass. Please note that because each ornament is handpainted, slight variations will occur and add to their unique beauty.

The Reformer Ornament

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