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This listing is for a giclee print of my original watercolor painting "The Reformer", a portrait of the Enneagram Type 1 personality type.


*** These prints are ordered from an off-site printer and drop-shipped to you; that speeds up delivery and helps out a tired artist-mom, but does mean I can't include extras like the flower descriptions. Feel free to copy-paste and print the description below! ***

"Type 1 ... People of this personality type are essentially looking to make things better, as they think nothing is ever quite good enough. This makes them perfectionists who desire reform and improvement; idealists who strive to make order out of the omnipresent chaos"


Type 1s are often striving to have everything be orderly, to do things right, but most of them have swirling chaos in their Inner Worlds as they try to keep up with themselves. 1s tend to deny the anger that they feel (because they don't think it's right), which can then manifest as resentment.

I chose dark blue to represent the feeling of 'right' as well as the depth so many 1s possess. The vibrant reds, oranges and yellows in the belly can represent a vibrant, flowing inner world, or the repressed mental chaos they experience, depending on how they are doing in that moment.

I chose the Pineapple Flower for its beautiful symmetry, and its meaning of "Perfect Goodness". The Queen Anne's Lace in the head means "Sanctify", and signifies their desire to be right. The strawberry flowers mean "You Are Perfect".

Inside the swirling center are Ferns for dreams/thoughts, Petunia for Resentment, and petals of the Strawberry Flower.


High-quality giclee prints on a lightly textured watercolor paper make these prints as close to the original as they can get!
I recommend pairing with an off-white mat in your favorite frame.

The Reformer Print

PriceFrom $15.00
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