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Veridian is a window back into time for me, because it is a self-portrait of myself in the middle of my college days. Long, long hair (almost long enough to sit on) that I cut to the middle of my back not long after. I picture snapped in the dormitory bathroom mirror. A lifetime ahead of me that I could never imagine.

Veridian is one of three paintings that I did at this time that all used bright colors to match the personalities of the subjects.

While this trio is made of separate pieces that exist beautifully on their own, I love placing them next to each other whenever I show them. These are the very first, earliest versions of what would become Personality Portraits; portraits that match unique colors to the subject's personality.


These paintings bring back a lot of fond memories of painting in the Art Building on campus; quiet, the smell of printmaking inks and turpentine, my friends stopping by just to watch the progress of brush on paper.

This painting is sold in its handmade frame (yes, I cut and nailed the glass, wood, and matt for this painting myself in our college frame shop).
It is approximately 16x20", and framed is approximately 20x24"


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