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"Wildflower Field" is a family portrait without the inclusion of any individual people or figures. It is my only painting like this so far!


Each flower contains a meaning that is like a blessing upon your family and home:

Mugwort: Happiness

Southernwood: Banter

Woodsorrel: Maternal Affection

Queen Anne’s Lace: Sanctify

Dwarf Sunflower: Gratitude

Lavender: Serenity

Succulents: Endurance, Timeless Love

Larkspur: Lightness

Wallflower: Fidelity in Adversity

Dandelion: Happiness, Faithfulness

Rush: Calmness

Lily of the Valley: Return of Happiness

Mullein: Happiness

Stephanotis: Marital Bliss


The colors are bright, vibrant, and deep, with that little bit of chaos that every family has scattered in.

This watercolor painting is 16x20" on cold-press watercolor paper

Wildflower Field

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