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How do you capture a relationship in one painting?

Take all the knowledge and love that you have for that special person, and I will help you turn it into a deeply meaningful portrait. Whether it's your best friend, mom, or the love of your life, each Couple Portrait will bring out the unique beauty of your relationship.

This painting is of two sisters; one, laid back and steady, the other, passionate, creative, and firey. They had a unique bond, and we captured it with the Language of Flowers to describe each person; the flower in their hands is Jasmine, which means "Unconditional, Eternal Love".



You can choose flowers, animals, or any other imagery that describes the two of you together!


My husband and I describe our 'couple-vibe' as otters - happily floating around, holding hands and eating snacks.


Interested, but not sure what imagery you want to use? Don't worry! I'm happy to help you figure it out.


Danisha M.

My husband and I were delighted and moved when we received our portrait from Holly.

Not only did she capture how we actually look,

Holly added such intriguing artistic expression,

even depicting our opposite temperaments and

our love for music and dance.

When I look at this meaningful piece of art,

I'm reminded that God answers prayer sometimes

presenting a gift in unexpected packaging

that will bless you beyond what you've asked for.

I highly recommend Holly as she truly

puts her heart into her work


Cheyanne B.

“Holly is an amazing person and artist. She’s very invested into her customers and followers as well as the work she does for them. I ordered a customized Enneagram painting for Valentine’s Day, celebrating my relationship with my boyfriend. She emailed with me every step of the way, made sure to understand our relationship and got to know our relationship from my perspective. After we chatted, she recreated it perfectly! My now fiancé who is not generally a super emotional person, immediately started crying when he saw it. I couldn’t be more happy with her and her engaging qualities, not just in her art, but in her interactions!”

These Valentine's Couple Portraits are in three categories: Enneagram Portraits, Personality Portraits, and Candid Moments.

Your Reservation Fee (the listed price below) is half up-front.


Click the portrait style you are interested in to see full pricing for each size.

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about my process?

My Commission Process

   Working with me is incredibly easy, and usually follows these steps:

I. We'll have a one-on-one chat, via email, phone, or video, to discuss your ideas for the painting

II. I'll create sketches based on our discussion and on any reference photos you provide

III. I'll suggest colors and imagery that I think will add deeper meaning to the portrait, if you don't already have some in mind.

IV. I'll show you sketches, both in pencil and digital color mockups, to make sure we're on the same page before I ever touch brush to paper.

V. I'll send you process pictures as I work, keeping you in the loop all along the way.

VI. You'll get final approval before I carefully wrap up your painting and ship it to you!

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