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Commissioning a Portrait

  My mission is to show every person that they are loved and accepted for who they are. These portraits are a stunning way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you!

  Whether you want to capture a moment in time, commemorate a wedding, or simply capture your loved one's personality on canvas, now is the perfect time to get their unique portrait.

  It's your choice whether you want a Realistic Portrait, a Silhouette, or a Personality Portrait: Each portrait is unique and beautiful.

   Personality Portraits use colors and imagery to capture the personalities and imaginations of the subjects, so that each portrait is a painting, not just of what they look like, but of who they are.


Jessica J.

I am SO thankful to have a personality portrait of my children when they were a toddler and baby. Their relationship has always been precious, but Holly captured where they were in their stages of development, their personalities, and their love for each other in their personality portrait. I am thankful to have these paintings to pass on to my children when they grow up, and to look back on as our family matures.

IMG_20190705_152659 (1).jpg

Frankie C.

Holly's artwork makes the perfect customizable gift! Her attention to your story and detail are amazing, and she created my piece so quickly! Her work is flawless,  dreamy, and so whimsical. She's great to collaborate with and she will bring your vision to life!


Maralee B.

Holly somehow manages to infuse your feelings into her artwork so it perfectly represents what you’re wanting to capture. She puts surprise details and hidden meanings into her work that provide layers of meaning. It makes the picture so much more special than just a literal rendering. It’s just so perfect. The whole process was so therapeutic.

Important: I only have 5 spots available for 

Commissions in August! Now is the perfect time to create the perfect Christmas, Anniversary, or just-because gift.


Your Investment:

Memories are priceless! Thankfully, you can create a gorgeous, personalized piece of artwork to capture those memories for only $500.

Reserve your August Commission Slot by paying half up front (the reservation fee).

Ready to get started? Let's go!


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Reservation Fee: $250

Reserve Your Spot


about my process?

My Commission Process

   Working with me is incredibly easy, and usually follows these steps:

I. We chat about the person(s) you're getting painted, and I'll ask questions about their personality to understand them better.

II. You choose your favorite pictures of them for me to work from

III. I'll suggest colors and imagery that I think will add deeper meaning to the portrait, if you don't already have some in mind.

IV. I'll do sketches for you, both in pencil and digital color mockups, to make sure we're on the same page before I ever touch brush to canvas.

V. I'll send you process pictures as I work, keeping you in the loop all along the way.

VI. You'll get final approval before I carefully wrap up your painting and ship it to you.

Reserve your spot today!


 Email me at,

or schedule your free phone consultation.

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