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Relationships mean the world to us right now; our friends and family feel so far away, and it's all the more important to create those close connections.

Whether it's a surprise for Father's Day, a gift for a couple, or simply a way to say "I know, understand, and love you; here's what you mean to me", these portraits are an incredible way to celebrate your loved ones.

The portrait to the right is my husband, and I wanted it to be a love letter without words for Father's Day. The indigo is for his introspective nature, while the yellow highlights that fun-loving side that most people don't get to see. The deer represents his quiet strength, and the plants mean things like "Strength of Character", "Passion", "Thoughtfulness", and "Love in All Seasons".

Your portrait can use the Language of Flowers as well, or we can choose animals or other imagery that is meaningful to you.

Available sizes range from 8x10" to 18x24" - CLICK HERE to view your choices!


Cheyanne B.

My fiancé, who is not generally a super emotional person, immediately started crying when he saw it. I couldn’t be more happy with her and her engaging qualities, not just in her art, but in her interactions!”


Maralee B.

Holly somehow manages to infuse your feelings into her artwork so it perfectly represents what you’re wanting to capture. She puts surprise details and hidden meanings into her work that provide layers of meaning. It makes the picture so much more special than just a literal rendering. It’s just so perfect. The whole process was so therapeutic.


Erin S.

I knew this was something my friend would cherish, considering it's deep meaning and aesthetically beautiful result. Holly was always friendly and reliable to communicate with and truly makes her commissions a collaborative effort, which I appreciate with a gift that is so sensitive.  This has been the best gift I've ever given and an experience that I reflect on fondly. I can't say enough about Holly's incredible talent and sweet soul.  - Erin S

Vision Portrait Commissions range in price from $150 to $1200 depending on size; click below for further pricing info and to reserve your spot!



about my process?

My Commission Process

   Working with me is incredibly easy, and usually follows these steps:

I. We'll have a one-on-one chat via email to discuss your ideas for the painting

II. I'll create sketches based on our discussion and on any reference photos you provide

III. I'll suggest colors and imagery that I think will add deeper meaning to the portrait, if you don't already have some in mind.

IV. I'll show you sketches, both in pencil and digital color mockups, to make sure we're on the same page before I ever touch brush to paper.

V. I'll send you process pictures as I work, keeping you in the loop all along the way.

VI. You'll get final approval before I carefully wrap up your painting and ship it to you!