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  Whether you've picked a Word for 2022, made goals for how you want to grow, or simply realize that you need to continue forward on your path, Vision Portraits capture and remind you of who you want to be in a beautiful way.

The portrait to the right is based on the phrase "Choose Joy"; I wanted to surround the figure by plants with both positive and negative meanings to emphasize the idea of choice.

The yellow/golden flowers mean "Happiness", "Kindness", "Levity" and the large yellow rose means "Joy".
The blue flowers have meanings such as "resentment", "anger", "selfishness", etc.
The olive branch across the heart alludes to the subject's Enneagram Type 9 desire for Peace.

Your portrait can use the Language of Flowers as well, or we can choose animals or other imagery that is meaningful to you.

I have limited openings for 3-5 people who want to create unique Vision Portraits of their own!

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Frankie C.

Holly's artwork makes the perfect customizable gift! Her attention to your story and detail are amazing, and she created my piece so quickly!


Her work is flawless,  dreamy, and so whimsical. She's great to collaborate with and she will bring your vision to life!


Maralee B.

Holly somehow manages to infuse your feelings into her artwork so it perfectly represents what you’re wanting to capture. She puts surprise details and hidden meanings into her work that provide layers of meaning. It makes the picture so much more special than just a literal rendering. It’s just so perfect. The whole process was so therapeutic.

Vision Portrait Commissions range in price from $150 to $1200 depending on size; your reservation fee is half up front.

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