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February studio recap

Was February hard for anybody else? It was good for me, but hard too, for some reason! I've been doing a lot of work though, and I'm excited to show you! I've been doing a lot of freelance work and commissions, but have been able to complete 3 larger Motherhood paintings, as well as 2 small pieces which will probably never see the light of day - and that's okay! Sometimes you just have to let a piece go.

Bouquet Commissions

I LOVE painting bouquets as anniversary presents! It's always a bit slow after Christmas, but I was able to paint two beautiful ones this past month! You can learn more about getting yourself a bouquet commission on Etsy!

Motherhood Series - a closer look at "Empowered"

"Empowered" is about the powerful feelings a woman can experience after giving birth. I chose red and yellow to show that passion and power, as well as a nod to the pain and bleeding. I chose the flowers and plants around the arm for their special meanings (listed from bottom to top); Mistletoe: "I surmount all difficulties"

Thyme: "Activity" Fennel: "Strength" Bay laurel tree: "Glory" Oregano: Birth

Shop Local

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be part of the City of Bowie Art Committee's first-ever Spring Arts & Crafts Market! It'll be hosted at the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts, and we're going to have some really awesome vendors. If you're in the DC/Annapolis area, I hope you'll come out!

My work has also been curated for the spring edition of HERE, A Pop Up Shop! The HERE ladies choose local artists whose work fits their current shops theme, and they set up shop for a few weeks in different places around Annapolis! I'll share more details when I have them!

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