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March Studio Recap

March away, march! Is anybody else just dying for spring??

This past month has been chilly outside, but busy, busy, busy inside! I've been finishing up my first Motherhood Collection (launching April 4th!! Stay tuned!), getting prints ready for HERE. A Pop Up Shop's April shop, and curating my work for the Bowie Arts Committee's first ever Spring Arts & Crafts Market! I'm swimming in watercolors, ya'll, and it's beautiful.

Motherhood Collection Spotlight: "Loss of Self"

"Loss of Self" is a 20x24" watercolor on thick gallery-wrapped canvas. It is descriptive of that feeling many mothers have after their first child, wondering where their own self-hood has gone, buried underneath feedings, sleepless nights, and overwhelming responsibility. But instead of describing only the feeling, "Loss of Self" seeks to describe the truth: you aren't lost, merely redirected.

The central, glowing flower is a Cinquefoil, which means "Beloved Daughter". The surrounding plants are growing towards it, attracted to its light, while those on the outside wilt and blow away. The principle flower that is wilting is a Colchicum, which means "My Happiest Days Are Past" - a thought many new mothers have with despair. Other plants in the painting are as follows:

Clematis - "Art"

Everlasting Pea - "An Appointed Meeting" Mountain Pink - "Aspiring" Trumpet Flower - "Fame" Cardinal Flower - "Energy"

Hyacinth - "Play" Fern - "Dreams" Notice how the fern at the bottom is wilting and dying, but the central ferns are growing towards the little Cinquefoil, basking in its light. Similarly, some of a new mother's dreams may die, but others grow and flourish around her new baby. "Loss of Self" will be available on April 4th at noon EST in my Etsy shop, along with the rest of the Motherhood Collection! Those of you on my mailing list will get a preview of the whole collection on April 3rd, so if you haven't signed up yet, be sure to do so! HERE. A Pop Up Shop

HERE. A Pop Up Shop's next shop will be Annapachella, running from April 13th-29th at 232 Main Street, Annapolis, MD! A curated selection of gorgeous giclee prints from my Dreamer Collection will be available, as well as offerings from a myriad of other local artisans! If you're local, I hope you'll stop by!

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