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May Studio Recap

April showers certainly brought May flowers for me - wedding bouquets and meaningful flowers in portraits galore! Last month I asked my Newsletter subscribers to submit photos for a Personality Portrait giveaway. This is the first one!

Why the unique colors, you might ask? Good question! For Personality Portraits, I work with my clients to choose colors that fit the subject's personality (sort of like the color of their inner aura, if you will). This little girl is a happy, contented baby and so her mother chose a gentle teal-blue for her, while her brother is busy, intense, and rambunctious, so she picked an orange for him.

We also put flowers behind them with special meanings:

Mugwort - Happy Houstonia - Contented Red Clover - Industrious Orange Rose - Enthusiastic, Passionate And lastly, I put things they love on their shirts; spoons (representing food) for her, and trucks for him. What a fun way to remember what your kids were like and what they loved at that age!

Personality Silhouettes

Going along with the Personality Portrait theme, I had the idea to do colorful silhouettes - perfect for decorating a nursery, kid's room, or the living room mantel! I'll be making a bunch of these in different colors and with different designs inside the silhouettes, so feel free to suggest any you'd like to see! These silhouettes will be available for sale both as the original paintings, and also as personalisable prints; you'll be able to choose the silhouette design you want, tell me your child's name, and print out the art at home or your local printer! And of course you can always get a custom silhouette made of your child's profile and anything you like filling the inside. I'll be adding them as I make them, so keep an eye on my shop!

Watercolor Bouquets

Wedding and Anniversary season is back, and I'm so happy! I love getting to memorialize the flowers that helped make your day so special. Here are the two bouquets I got to paint this past month!

The Every Day Project Throughout this summer, I'll be participating in the Every Day Project with Lauren Mclaughlin, an artist-mother from Scotland! The Every Day Project is a way for artist-mothers to connect and have community by sharing bits of their lives with each other.

We'll be posting a picture from our lives every day for the entire month of June; we'd love to have you follow along!

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