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June Studio Recap

If you've been following me for long at all, you'll have noticed that I LOVE doing commissions. I was so excited when I had the idea to do Personality Silhouettes, and when one of my good friends said she'd like me to do some for her girls, I jumped at the chance!

Working on these was such a joy. We discussed the girls' personalities, their favorite colors, and what flowers we thought would have meanings that would describe them well. For the yellow portrait, we chose dogs (this little girl is OBSESSED with Paw Patrol right now!) and Golden Chain flowers, for their meaning of "Pensive Beauty". The purple portrait has butterflies and cowslip flowers, which mean "Mischievous, Adventurous". What was really sweet about this commission was that my friend gave them to her husband as a Father's Day gift. The little girls approved, and Dad loved them!

Personalized Prints

Not only can you commission a silhouette portrait, I also have Personalizable Prints available in my shop!

Each print is sold as a digital file with your child's name added to the bottom, so that you can print it in the convenience of your own home, or at your favorite local printer! They're a great accent to any room. The Everyday Project

The Trees Keep Snowing

We finished our first month of The Everyday Project (first started by the Desperate Artwives). Lauren Mclaughlin and I have been sending pictures back and forth all month, showing little snippets of our lives as artists and mothers. You can check out the blog here! Keep checking back, because we're continuing through July, this time with a sketch every day. I'm so interested to see how this will go!

Baby's 1st Birthday!

I don't talk much about my personal life on my blog (or much anywhere else, though you'll catch a bit in my instagram stories), but I just can't let this milestone go by without mention! My babygirl is a whole year old now, WHAAAT??

Happy Birthday, little one!

She's been such a joy, and she's only getting more cute and fun as her personality is developing. She's such a sweetheart, and we're so thrilled to have her. <3

Photograph by Kandi Daniels

Those of us who live near Annapolis were shocked by the deadly shooting that occurred there June 28th. Several of us local artists wanted to do something to help, and so Brittany Branson and the ladies from Little Bit Heart got together with Manda Weaver, Morgan Foery and me, and planned an Annapolis-themed print set, the proceeds of which would go towards the Capital Gazette victim's families through their official Go Fund Me. We've raised over $800 so far, I am blown away! Thank you to everyone who has purchased the prints, and please continue praying for the families, friends, and coworkers of the 5 souls who passed. The prints are still available for purchase HERE

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