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September Studio Recap

This past month has been an amazing time for me, diving deep into the true meaning behind why I do what I do, and realizing that my art has a purpose beyond just being pretty. Have you caught what it is yet? My art is all about YOU and your inner world. Your inner world is incredibly important! The things that light you up inside, that make you smile, that capture your interest for hours on end - these these are an integral part of who you are. And who you are is what I want to paint! New Look

This past month I completely redid my website (which I'd love for you to check out and give your feedback on!) as well as painting more of the portraits and silhouettes that I love. The crazy thing about being a self-employed artist is that not only are you the main creator, you are also the administrator, sales person, marketing manager, tech guru, and every other hat you can think of. :D I'm so grateful for the different people who are willing to share their knowledge online so that I can learn from them! New Work I've also sold some custom paintings to some pretty amazing collectors this month!

Together we chose the colors and imagery that would fit each child; favorite colors, a love of butterflies, and a love of nature featured heavily in our decisions. When you commission from me, it's always a collaborative effort! You'll be able to look at the art on your wall and remember the story behind the painting as well as enjoy its colors. And don't fear; I haven't stopped painting wedding bouquets! I got to do two gorgeous ones this past month, and each brought it's own little challenges that were super fun to learn through.

Personal Work

Whether it's a piece for my Motherhood Collection, or a landscape Silhouette portrait, I just can't stop creating! The Motherhood Collection paintings are a way for me to illustrate and work through some of my own feelings in my motherhood experience, and I hope other mothers will find an outlet through these paintings as well. My landscape silhouettes are SO FUN, though, ya'll! I've had the most interest in these out of all of my work so far. And they can be filled with ANYTHING! Your wedding venue? Yes. A scene from your favorite book? Of course! The vacation spot of your dreams? Bring it on!

Inktober Last but not least, I'm participating once again in the Inktober challenge this year; I'll be painting one mini ink painting every day for the entire month of October! And YOU can be a part of it.

If you'd like to get a chance to see your silhouette painted, just email me your picture! Each painting is a 2x3" ink silhouette, and I'll be selling them for $30 the day after I paint them. Let me know if you want yours reserved! These are an excellent way to start your art collection if you aren't ready to invest in a bigger piece yet. As always, thank you for following my work! You are the best!

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