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November Studio Recap

This has been such a beautiful month! I'm always saying what an honor it is to paint highly personal, meaningful art for collectors, and it's still true. This month I've painted silhouettes filled with scenes that evoke a life verse, I've painted a memorial for a dearly departed father and grandfather, and I got to capture the moment a woman became a mother, just to name a few!


Whether simply a show of a favorite animal, or filled with deep, personal meaning, each of these silhouettes was created with a lot of love and thought. Some were purchased as gifts, others as a treat for themselves. I love that! You can click each picture to find out more about the story behind it. Portraits

Each of these sweet paintings holds a story. You've probably noticed that I don't paint realistically colored portraits very often any more, but I couldn't say no to this one; a memorial painting of a sweet gentleman who recently passed away. Holiday Arts & Crafts Market

I had the pleasure of participating in the City of Bowie Arts Committee's first-ever Holiday Arts & Crafts Market! I really enjoyed all the people I got to talk to, especially those who let me explain all about my Personality Portraits and how I bring out meaning through color and imagery.

Black Friday

I did a new thing this year! I've never tested out the 'Black Friday Sale' waters, and so I dipped my toes in. It was a good learning experience! If I haven't mentioned it, I'm currently taking an Art Business course that is helping me better learn how to run my business, what it looks like to make it online, and so you're going to see me bumble around a bit as I learn new things and try to get my bearings. So thanks for sticking around, and for your patience!

All in all, it's been a busy, wonderful month! Thank you for following along! See you next time!

<3 Holly

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