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You may not be able to celebrate Mother's Day with your extended family this year, but you can share the joy of the little ones in your life with each mother, grandmother, and friend with these beautiful Personality Portraits.

Simply choose the size you wish to purchase below, and be prepared with a few of your favorite pictures!


I'll walk you through choosing colors and objects that perfectly illustrate who they are.

Want to make prints off your painting to share with others? Indicate "prints wanted" in the note box on your order! Starts at just $15 for 5x7" giclee prints.


You can choose flowers, animals, or any other imagery that describes your littles and their interests!


I love hiding hidden messages in my paintings; above, I've indicated my daughter's love of numbers and singing with clocks and the bird.

In the next painting, the little blue girl has spoons on her onesie to show her love of food, while her orange brother has trucks (the colors indicate their differing personalities) .


Interested, but not sure what imagery you want to use? Don't worry!

I'll ask you a few simple questions that will help us select the perfect colors and imagery for each subject.


Jessica J.

I am SO thankful to have a personality portrait of my children when they were a toddler and baby. Their relationship has always been precious, but Holly captured where they were in their stages of development, their personalities, and their love for each other in their personality portrait. I am thankful to have these paintings to pass on to my children when they grow up, and to look back on as our family matures.


Maralee B.

Holly somehow manages to infuse your feelings into her artwork so it perfectly represents what you’re wanting to capture. She puts surprise details and hidden meanings into her work that provide layers of meaning. It makes the picture so much more special than just a literal rendering. It’s just so perfect. The whole process was so therapeutic.

What do previous collectors say?

Choose your size below!


Prices vary by size, starting at $95

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about my process?

My Commission Process

   Working with me is incredibly easy, and usually follows these steps:

I. We'll have a one-on-one chat via email to discuss your ideas for the painting

II. I'll create sketches based on our discussion and on any reference photos you provide

III. I'll suggest colors and imagery that I think will add deeper meaning to the portrait, if you don't already have some in mind.

IV. I'll show you sketches, both in pencil and digital color mockups, to make sure we're on the same page before I ever touch brush to paper.

V. I'll send you process pictures as I work, keeping you in the loop all along the way.

VI. You'll get final approval before I carefully wrap up your painting and ship it to you!

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